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Armature Works-Tampa

When in Tampa, you simply can’t miss out on the charming neighborhood of Armature Works. Restaurants and a wide variety of interesting stores can be found here, all of which are housed in a tram car warehouse that has been beautifully renovated. The dining options available here are not your typical, run-of-the-mill food court; rather, they are locally sourced, diverse, and forward-thinking. In point of fact, Armature Works refers to itself as a “local food nexus” in its marketing materials.

It is difficult to realize that this structure was ever used for manufacturing when you step inside and look at how it has been turned into the trendy and exciting venue that it is now. Explore the different options available, decide what you want to eat or drink, and then either grab a table inside or, if you’d rather, set up outside and take in the breathtaking scenery of the Hillsborough River.

Make a reservation in advance if you want to eat at Ulele, one of the most popular restaurants in the Tampa, Florida area, especially if you are looking for a more conventional dining experience. It’s only a little jaunt across the courtyard to get there. The menu features a variety of locally sourced products, each of which has been given a unique spin. The Gonzmarts have an incredible private collection, and many of the stunning works of art that can be found throughout the restaurant are from that collection.

Armature Works has been around since 1910 and was formerly used as a storage and maintenance facility for streetcars owned and operated by Tampa Electric Company (TECO). The edifice that is today known as Armature Works was once known as the TECO streetcar warehouse. This building served as the repair and storage facility for the Tampa Electric Street and Railway Company, which was an important function for the City of Tampa (formerly known as the Streetcar Barn). The barn was an essential component in the growth of Tampa since it was used to connect the many neighborhoods in the area.

In 1946, the system was terminated in favor of a mode of transportation that was more advanced at the time: the vehicle. In 1960, Tampa Armature Works, a phosphate machinery manufacturer, bought the building from TECO. TECO had originally constructed the structure. Armature Works was once a manufacturing facility, but it has now been converted into a multi-tenanted commercial complex that serves as the neighborhood’s primary gathering place.

The developers Chas Bruck and Adam Harden of SoHo Capital envisioned a contemporary local hangout for the residents of Tampa’s waterfront region, as well as a national destination that would attract tourists from both close by and further afield. It took some time, but eventually every piece of the 50-acre riverside property that was needed to establish the Heights was purchased. In addition to being a residential neighborhood, The Heights will feature a variety of entertainment venues, commercial spaces, and retail establishments. Through the Riverwalk, the burgeoning areas to the north of downtown will be connected to the Heights in a way that is welcoming to families regardless of how they want to get there: by foot, by bike, or by boat.

Armature Works is a mixed-use commercial complex that spans a total area of 73,000 square feet and is located at the heart of The Heights. It comprises the Heights Public Market, several event spaces, a co-shared workspace, as well as a number of restaurants and bars.

SoHo is committed to recycling an incredible amount of original materials. Everything from restoring the historic steps that go up to the event area on the second story dubbed theTheatre to utilizing the old roof that has been milled down as hardwood flooring throughout the entire building is included in this project. The inside of Armature Works has preserved its historic character by retaining its original brick walls, skylights, windows, and doors.

The delightful Armature Works area is a must-see when visiting Tampa. Housed in a wonderfully restored tram car warehouse here, you’ll find restaurants and a variety of eclectic shops. This is much more than a run-of-the-mill food court; the dining options here are home-grown, varied, and innovative. In fact, the Armature Works bills itself as a “neighborhood food hub.”

Step inside and gaze around this former industrial building, and it’s hard to believe that it’s been transformed into the hip and happening place it is today. Wander past the various offerings, find something you like, and grab a table inside or, if you prefer, set up outside and soak up the wonderful views of the Hillsborough River.

If you’d prefer a more traditional restaurant, book in advance to secure a table at Ulele, one of Tampa’s most popular restaurants. It’s just a short stroll across the courtyard. The menu is a mix of locally sourced items with a twist. The art pieces located throughout the restaurant are spectacular and hail from the Gonzmart’s private collection.

Armature Works dates back to 1910 and was once the storage and maintenance facility for Tampa Electric’s (TECO) streetcars. Once known as the TECO streetcar warehouse, the Armature Works structure played a significant role for the City of Tampa as the repair and storage facility for the Tampa Electric Street and Railway Company (formerly known as the Streetcar Barn). The barn was an integral part of Tampa’s development in connecting the surrounding neighborhoods.

In 1946, the system was abandoned for more modern means of transportation, the automobile. Tampa Armature Works, a phosphate machinery manufacturer, purchased the building from TECO in 1960. Today, Armature Works has been repurposed to its originality, becoming the heart of the Heights neighborhood as a mixed-use commercial building.

Developers Chas Bruck and Adam Harden of SoHo Capital, envisioned a modernized neighborhood hangout for Tampa’s waterfront community and a national destination aimed to attract visitors from near and far. Over time, each piece of the 50-acre riverfront property was acquired with plans to create the Heights. The Heights will offer entertainment, work space and shops, as well as a residential community. Whether you travel by land, bike or sea, the family-friendly district will connect the growing neighborhoods north of downtown to the Heights through the Riverwalk.

At the epicenter of The Heights is Armature Works, a 73,000 square foot mixed-use commercial space consisting of the Heights Public Market, multiple event spaces, a co-shared workspace as well as multiple restaurants and bars.

SoHo is recycling as many original materials as possible. Everything from refinishing the original steps leading up to the second-floor event space called theTheatre to reusing the old roof that’s been milled down as hardwood flooring throughout. The inside of Armature Works features original exposed brick walls, skylights, windows and doors.


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