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Crawl Space Water Damage Restoration

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Building contractors often create a crawl space below the first floor of a house or building. To allow people easy access to the structure’s wiring and plumbing. Although crawl spaces can be useful to workers, standing water can sometimes cause numerous problems in the area. There are many different reasons why water accumulates in a crawl space. Regardless of the reason, for crawl space water damage restoration, it is recommended to call a professional water damage company specializing in crawl space restoration right away. Revive has specialized in crawl space water removal and flooding repair since 2006.

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Crawl Space Water Removal

The presence of water or moist soil in a crawl space has the potential to cause extensive water damage, structural issues, and health concerns. Every time you use your HVAC, it could release unhealthy air into your home if you have a crawlspace HVAC duct system that has been compromised by moisture. Moisture can increase airborne microbes and produce unwholesome particles that are potentially dangerous to breathe.
In addition to providing a breeding ground for mold, crawl space water can cause subfloors to buckle and warp due to the high humidity. If your crawl space’s sewer line ruptures, raw sewage may be released into the living space, resulting in horrible odors and potential health concerns.

Can You DIY Repair A Wet Crawl Space?

Crawl space water should not be solved on your own. Water extraction and crawl space remediation require special equipment and expertise to be completed effectively. To prevent crawl space water from becoming a recurring issue, you need to handle the situation correctly the first time. Your best option is to hire a crawl space water remediation company to remove any water in your crawl space. Restoration of crawl spaces is something Revive has been doing for over 15 years.

Solutions for Crawl Space Damage Recovery

Depending on how much water has entered your crawl space and what caused it, companies that specialize in water damage and crawl space restoration will offer various recommendations. If raw sewage seeped into the soil of the crawlspace due to a broker sewer line, Revive would use a sewer gas evacuator or negative air machine to address the issue. These devices will disperse the repulsive odors that enter your home. Drying out wet soil, wooden blocks, and the cement will be assisted by air machines, sewer gas evacuators, and fresh outside air introduced into the crawlspace.

Depending on the level of contamination, we, a professional water damage remediation company would advise removing some of the soil from the impacted area. If the water has been present for a long time, there is a greater chance that it will seep into the soil and pose a threat to human health. If this procedure is required, Revive will treat any existing soil or fill in any gaps with new soil while adhering to the highest health and safety standards.
To prevent water pooling in your crawl space, we sometimes recommend installing a sump pump system. A crawl space dehumidifier may also be recommended to keep the relative humidity low enough to discourage mold growth or structural damage. As an alternative to crawl space dehumidifiers, ventilation fans or an extremely thick plastic layer (more below) might be recommended instead. A durable plastic barrier protects your home from the crawl space and creates a barrier between your home and the crawl space.
Although Revive’s crawl space water service method will vary based on the problem, you can rest assured that we will fix it correctly. It has been our specialty since 2006 to extract and restore water from crawl spaces.

Alternation Solution: Crawl Space Encapsulation & Vapor Barrier Installation

Because 50 percent of the air inside your home comes from the crawl space, it’s important to keep it clean and dry. By encapsulating the crawl space, unwanted moisture can be kept out. Adding a vapor barrier to the crawl space vents can prevent moisture problems, such as mold and musty odors, in the crawl space. Get in touch with us to discuss your home’s best options.

Crawlspace Cleanup Through Revive Water Damage Restoration

Our crawl space cleaning team consists of experts in the field who follow the latest developments in the industry. Our customer service is the only aspect of our company that shines brighter than our professionalism. Getting your Central or South Florida home back up and running is what we do best. Having helped someone put their lives back together, when we do the final walk-through on a job well done, we triple-check everything. We are a full-service crawl space cleaning and restoration company that cares about its customers. Get a fresh start after crawl space conundrums with Revive Water Damage Restoration. And we also deal with the top of buildings with our roof leak repair service

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