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Storm Damage Restoration Service

Storm Damage Cleanup

It is important to start the cleanup and recovery process as soon as possible after a storm damages your home or business. You can trust Revive Water Damage Restoration to do a thorough job. Residential and commercial storm damage restoration and clean-up are our specialties. When a storm, hurricane, or flood sweeps through your area, allow us to help you restore your home or business.


Our company offers a wide range of services related to storm restoration and cleanup. Our expertise and experience enable us to provide our customers with these services:


– Recovery following a natural disaster.
– Water and storm damage cleanup.
– Restoration of water damage.
– The removal and remediation of mold.


In case of damage to your property, we can send out a technician to conduct a full survey and help you develop a recovery plan to address every aspect. A preventative approach helps prevent avoidable issues, such as mold and mildew.

Recovery From Natural Disasters

Our team prides itself on responding quickly to disasters. In addition to mitigating damage, a rapid response helps our customers save money. As part of our comprehensive water damage restoration service, we employ water damage specialists as well as structural drying technicians who work together to assess the damage and develop an in-depth recovery plan. Our agents are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout Florida, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Water/Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration

Whether you’re waiting for us to arrive or waiting for us to finish a restoration project, you can minimize storm damage while you wait. To begin, ask yourself the following very important questions:



  • Are you safe in your home or business?
  • Are there any tasks that you can safely carry out within your own property while remaining at home?
  • Are there electrical hazards?
  • Does any water-logged material, which can be quite heavy, pose a safety risk to you?
  • Is there a risk of slipping and falling?


Let us help you when we arrive. Avoid unnecessary risks. After floodwaters have infiltrated your property, blot, and mop everything to remove excess water. If it’s possible to safely do so. Taking care of excess water on wood furniture should be done after items have been moved from tables and stacked on top of each other. Wet cushions and upholstery should be propped up away from flood water. Placing wood blocks between soaked carpets and furniture legs will prevent sustained water damage. Remove colored rugs from soaked carpets to avoid color staining. Also, place all artwork in a place where it can dry.


Steps should be taken and steps should be avoided. Keep leather goods, furs, and other fabrics susceptible to water from getting further damaged. Instead, hang them to dry. Hang colored items, magazines, books, loose papers, and the like with your leather goods and furs instead of leaving them out on wet floors. The idea of using your vacuum to remove standing water may seem like a good idea at the time, but it could put you at risk of electric shock. If you want a thorough job done while protecting yourself, use only a vacuum made specifically to clean up water. But, the reality is 99.99%+ of people don’t have this equipment so don’t try to vacuum any water.



Before entering a room, pay close attention to the ceilings of your property as you inspect for damage. You should not enter areas where the ceiling appears to sag, as the water weight can damage the structure. Ceiling fans, appliances, light fixtures, and any other electrical devices in your home or business should not be turned on as you might get an electrical shock.

Restoration From Storm Water

We approach storm damage restoration and cleanup differently for each project depending on the specific situation as no two properties are the same. Every project is handled according to a specific process.


In order to respond efficiently and clearly to a potential customer, we ask several questions. The first thing we do when we arrive at your property is to assess the water damage from all angles in order to create a full restoration strategy that addresses every issue in order to better ensure your success and satisfaction. To prevent mildew and mold growth, we use vacuums and pumps to remove as much water as we can. This is completed very rapidly as it’s not done quickly it can present a new set of problems. Once we have removed as much water possible from your property as quickly as possible, our technicians will focus on removing moisture from hard-to-reach areas. Dehumidification and drying are assisted by special equipment and refined drying techniques.


It takes time to dry and dehumidify. During this time, we disinfect your vulnerable belongings with antimicrobial treatments to restore them to their original state. Using fogging equipment and industrial air scrubbers, our team also addresses bothersome odors caused by water. Repairs, such as rebuilding areas of your property or replacing drywall, are the final step in restoring your space to its pre-damaged condition.

Personal Belonging Restoration Process

It is devastating to lose personal property as a result of storm damage. There is the possibility of homeowners losing sentimental items they cannot replace, and business owners may lose all the effort and energy they put into making a dream a thriving business. It is impossible to replace or repair everything lost to storms or water damage, but we do our best to care for what remains and rebuild as much as we can. There are several methods of storm restoration that our professionals are familiar with:


  1. The process of immersing items in a cleaning product bath is called immersion cleaning.
  2. Wet cleaning. Our professionals handle moderate and heavy remnants.
  3. Dry cleaning. Pre-cleansing and light remnant removal with this gentle technique.
  4. Abrasive cleaning. The act of agitating surfaces in order to clean them.
  5. Spray and wipe. In the case of delicate items that cannot be cleaned according to standard procedures.
  6. Foam cleaning. In the case of upholstery that may bleed or shrink if it is cleaned regularly.


Our goal is to restore as many of your items as possible, so you don’t have to replace them. In some cases, flood or storm damage is so severe that we have to remove entire rooms in order to restore them. Packing up and moving out items is something our agents can handle themselves, so you won’t have to hire another company to handle it for you. By doing this, we speed up the restoration and remodeling process and prevent unnecessary damage to your belongings. We return everything to its rightful place after we’ve restored your space.


It is possible to discover flooded or damaged electronic belongings when you return to your residence or business. We can handle such items since you do not want to risk an electric shock or more damage. A few electronic items we have restored in the past include computers and smart TVs. As part of our process, we work with experienced electronics technicians. What about damaged photographs and important documents? Those, too, are restored by us. It is impossible to guarantee the complete restoration of documents and images, but we do our best to protect them as much as we can. Dehumidification, vacuum freeze-drying, and freezer drying are some of the methods we use to dry items.


In order to minimize the need for outside companies, we do as much restoration and cleanup ourselves as possible. However, we are aware that we cannot perform every rehabilitative task ourselves. It may be necessary to file an insurance claim in order to get back on your feet. For your peace of mind and to make an accurate claim with your insurance provider, we keep a detailed inventory of everything we remove from your property. We provide you with a pre-loss list as well as the value of the items you lost. Also, we assist if you need to prove your claims.

Mold Remediation and Mold Removal

Mold is one of the major concerns associated with water. A lingering and undiscovered presence of moisture can create a mold problem even after a property appears to be restored after significant storm damage or unaffected after floods. You and your family or employees may be exposed to irritants and allergens unnoticed for a long time without remediation by Revive Water Damage Restoration.


You may not notice any damage to your commercial or residential property after a flood or storm. Despite everything looking fine, there could be mold or mildew growing inside your walls, basement, or other areas of your property that you cannot see. It’s possible that mold can be detected by smelling a musty odor. It is especially important to keep an eye out for mildew and mold if you live in an area with a lot of humidity or if the humidity inside your home is high. Whether it’s your business or home, we can perform a thorough inspection to discover any potential problems.

Storms can cause quite significant damage to your property. From smashed windows, damaged roofs, or even fallen trees. If a recent storm has damaged your home, we can help. We provide temporary repairs such as board-ups and tarps to keep you safe and protected until reconstruction occurs.

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