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Water Extraction Service

Your Local 24/7 Water Extraction & Water Removal Services Experts

Revive is available to assist if a burst pipe, roof leak, flooding, or other natural disaster has resulted in unwelcome and excessive water entering your property. With years of experience behind us, we offer professional water removal and extraction services. Our highly skilled professionals are available around-the-clock, working quickly and effectively to eliminate excess moisture from your home or place of business and stop further water damage from happening. We can also develop unique solutions to help you get your property back to the way it was before, or looking even better than before water damage occurred.

Standing Water Removal

There are multiple complex systems in your home that you may not even realize exist until there is an issue. They keep everything running smoothly. One such system is your water supply lines. Unfortunately, it is hard to anticipate a water damage emergency, and if the issue is not detected ASAP, standing water can build up. For example, an unexpected pipe burst in the middle of the night will more than likely not wake you up. Water may flow out of the burst pipe and flood an area of your home. This standing water needs to be extracted.

If left untreated, standing water can result in severe structural damage, mold growth, corrosion of electronics, and create other hazards on your property. Water extraction and water removal services are crucial to mitigating the damage caused by water loss. Using advanced tools and equipment, our certified technicians can remove standing water, remove excess moisture, and thoroughly dry all affected areas. As a water extraction company, we strive to provide you with the best service and restore your property to its original state.

For water removal services, contact Revive immediately. Don’t delay! Whether you own a home or a business, water damage can leave behind a mess that most homeowners or business owners struggle to clean up. Our 24-hour emergency water extraction and drying services are available for any situation. Our leak detection service can also potentially prevent larger problems.

The faster you can act - The faster we come to your property - The less damage standing water creates.

The water damage restoration experts at Revive Water Damage Restoration are ready and equipped to handle any flooding or water damage in Florida. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Whatever the cause or severity of your water damage, Revive Water Damage Restoration is ready to handle your water extraction and restoration. With our state-of-the-art equipment and excellent staff, we can handle any situation.

Our Customer-Focused Emergency Water Extraction & Water Removal Service:

In an emergency involving water damage, every second counts. You have only 24 to 48 hours to get rid of the standing water because mold and mildew will start to spread throughout your property and get worse. We provide 24-hour water removal services at Revive.
Revive uses the most cutting-edge restoration tools currently on the market. We only work with IICRC-certified restoration specialists who are skilled at removing water damage quickly. To help us with the water removal process, we use the highest quality wet vacuums, pumps, and high-performance fans.

As soon as we arrive on the scene:

  • We will deal with any immediate hazards, such as shutting off the water at the mains and turning off the electricity.
  • The restoration process will begin immediately with our certified technicians.
  • Our team will assess the damage to understand what is going on.
  • Excess water will be removed using advanced restoration equipment after the assessment.
  • To limit additional (secondary) damage, we move furniture and secure other belongings.
  • We extract the standing water with wet vacuums and specialized pumps.
  • We then start the drying process with industrial fans and air movers to dry all indoor surfaces and flooring.
  • If necessary, we remove carpeting to dry out the floorboards and salvage what we can.
  • Upon assessing your wet contents, we inform you of our findings and work to restore the contents. The rest will be disposed of.
  • To prevent mold growth, we clean and dehumidify your property.

Types of Water That Need to Be Extracted and Removed

Category #2 – Gray Water
Gray water, also known as Category 2, has a high level of contamination that, if consumed, could make people feel sick or uncomfortable. Overflowing toilets, washing machines, sinks, bathtubs, and dishwashers are all potential sources of category 2 water. It always contains some kind of virus or bacteria. If it is not treated, gray water quickly deteriorates into category 3, also known as “black water”.

Category #3 – Blackwater

Category 3 is also referred to as “Blackwater,” and it denotes an extremely hazardous situation. Black water is regarded as the most hazardous kind of water because it contains a lot of biological material, such as grease, hazardous chemicals, and feces. If consumed, black water can result in serious illness or even death. The removal of black water must be performed by trained technicians wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment. Black water like sewage backups, leaks, backups, or overflows that aren’t being fixed should be treated as an emergency and fixed as soon as possible.

Pack-Out Services

In addition to providing water removal and drying, we also offer pack-out services for your possessions that can be salvaged. The certified technicians at Revive will assess the damage and help you decide what can be restored and what needs to be thrown away. We will then remove everything from your property that has been damaged. We will appropriately discard what can’t be salvaged and pack out what can be saved.

Why Pick Revive to Remove and Extract Standing Water?

Our team at Revive is made up of highly trained technicians who live right here in your neighborhood. We only work with the best technicians who are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC). You’re in good hands when it comes to water damage. Regardless of how the water damage was caused, Revive has the team, technology, and expertise to clean and restore your property. Feel free to contact us at any time of the day or night!

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