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Roof Leak Repair Services

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Many parts of our houses are important, and roofs are on top of that list. Our roofs are essential for security purposes, protection from weather elements, and beautifying our homes. It is, therefore, vital that people check and maintain the health of their roofs regularly. A leaky roof is every homeowner’s nightmare and can cause significant damage if not fixed properly and promptly. If you are currently experiencing a water damage emergency in your roof with a burst pipe leaking water. Stop reading and call us ASAP before the damage gets worse.

Call us ASAP if you have a roof leak that could be potentially causing water damage. Do not delay!

Roof Leak Water Damage

Leaks from roofs can come in many forms. There is no good leak. All leaks are bad as over time they can cause water damage, mold issues, and structural instability. Some of the usual suspects include:
In almost all homes, the fittings for the shower pipes will be just above the ceiling. If the water pipes crack, the water will leak to the ceiling and eventually to the rooms below.
This is a common scenario in older homes where the pipes have been used for long and little maintenance has been done. Eventually, they will rust, weaken and break, causing leakages.
A leaky roof may result from a natural occurrence such as a storm or falling tree. These circumstances may cause the roof to leak water in and damage the ceiling.

What are the Most Common Signs of Roof Leaks?

To be forewarned is the best way to counter further damage from a roof leak. Some of the signs that your roof has water damage and may begin to leak soon include;

There is nothing ordinary about a bulge on the ceiling. This is one of the easier ways to note that there is water damage on the roof because most of us can hardly ignore it.
The materials used for ceilings are susceptible to changing color or rotting after exposure to water. These stains usually start to show after a while and may not be noticeable immediately.
Shingles will become less attached after exposure to heat and water and more so when the water is coming from below. The same applies to metal roofs, and they will start to rust. Before replacing shingles, it is crucial to rule out leaky pipes in the roof.
The appearance of bubbles or cracks on the ceiling paint may signify water damage. This is because when the paint is exposed to water, it shrivels up and starts to fall off.
If you hear a dripping sound that is consistent in speed. You might have a small hole in your roof or a tile, slate, or shingle out of place. Or at worst a pipe leak.
We recommend that homeowners take note of these warning signs and call a company such as Revive to assess the damage.

Why are Roof Leaks Bad?

The short answer is leaky roofs compromise the integrity of your ceiling and can be the start of significant problems. Some of the issues that leaks can cause are;
If the water leaks on electric wires, this can cause a spark and ignite a fire which is a situation no one wants.
The water damage on roofs causes them to rot and lead to molding. Mold is unsightly and can cause significant health issues for the people in the house.
One of the signs, as mentioned earlier, to look out for in leaky roofs is bulges in the ceiling. These bulges continue to fill up with water; if left unsolved, they will cause the roof to burst or even cave in.
A leaky roof does not fulfill its security requirement properly because water damage causes the roof to become weak. This puts the home at risk of invasion because burglars can easily spot the weak areas and use them as entry points into the house.

Is Fixing a Leaky Roof Urgent?

We recommend that homeowners regularly check for signs of water damage on their roofs. If there is a cause of concern, the roof needs to be fixed urgently and by a licensed professional. Any delays in fixing a leaky roof put the house and people living in the home in danger. To safeguard the family and home and avoid further exposure and the likelihood of a disaster, call a roof leak repairer ASAP. Mold usually forms very quickly, within 24 to 48 hours even, where water accumulates. If you have a visible leak it’s advised to put down buckets to protect the floors or carpeting from damage and call a roof repair service ASAP. It is also recommended to turn off the main water valve until the problem is resolved and inform the insurance company.

Can Home Owners Fix Leaky Roofs By Themselves?

Some home improvements and problems do not require special skills; leaky roofs are not one of them. Just as pipes are installed by a professional, any issues that arise should also be fixed by a professional. This is because they are trained on the best ways to handle all the other things in the ceiling, including electrical wiring and identifying and remediating mold. Professionals are also best equipped to successfully repair leaky parts without causing further damage. It is also important to note that if your home is insured and you make it worse in an attempt to fix the roof by yourself, insurance might not cover it.

Which Areas Should Home Owners Check for Water Damage?

A regular inspection of your property is something everyone should be doing. Some of the places homeowners should be on the lookout for water leaks:


– Floors of lesser used rooms
– Walls
– Kitchen cabinets
– Wardrobes
– Behind and below appliances

Which Areas Should Home Owners Check for Water Damage?

What processes are followed during a leaky roof repair? The technicians at Revive will perform the following tasks:


  • Inspect the source of the leak
  • Check the structural integrity and damages on the roof that may make it cave in.
  • Perform an electrical safety test and assess if the electrical wiring needs to be redone.
  • Check for any water contamination to determine any health concerns the leak may cause.
  • Assess the damage caused to the ceiling and any aftermath, such as the presence of mold and asbestos that cause health issues.
  • Repair the damage by removing the water, allowing the damaged areas to dry out, and cleaning off any dirt and grime build-up.
  • Repair the damaged areas and restore the roof to its former glory.


Roof repair can be lengthy, and a good company will ensure that the homeowner understands every step of the process. Revive has been repairing roof leaks and other associated damage such as mold, structure, and waterlogging for over 15 years.

Which Areas Should Home Owners Check for Water Damage?

After you notice that you need help to fix the roof you should call us ASAP. At Revive, we believe that you deserve a home that functions without fault. Plus a healthy home. Our specialists will repair the roof issue, be it actual structural roof damage, a burst pipe, or anything else. We will clean up and water, remediated any mold, repair any other damage, and once we are done it will be like there was never a roof leak in the first place. Call today! We also deal with burst water heaters and crawl space flooding.

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