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Water Damage Restoration Service

Water Damage Repair

Floods can create a disaster in your home, causing severe damage to the structures, and possessions and even impacting the health of the occupants through mold growth. Fires can even break from damaged wires and even electrocution is a possibility if the situation is not controlled quickly enough. Revive Water Damage Restoration has been providing top-notch emergency water restoration services since 2006.


We know that you need a company that will be there for this tough time to get back on track with restoring life to normal in no time! This is what we specialize in! The moment you notice water leaking anywhere on your property don’t waste time – call us right away. We can get everything under control in the emergency situation you’re currently experiencing and get your property back to a pre-damage state.

Floods can create a disaster in your home, causing severe damage to the structures, and possessions and even impacting the health of the occupants through mold growth. Fires can even break from damaged wires and even electrocution is a possibility if the situation is not controlled quickly enough. Revive Water Damage Restoration has been providing top-notch emergency water restoration services since 2006. We know that you need a company that will be there for this tough time to get back on track with restoring life to normal in no time! This is what we specialize in!



The moment you notice water leaking anywhere on your property don’t waste time – call us right away. We can get everything under control in the emergency situation you’re currently experiencing and get your property back to a pre-damage state.

We are a local, family-owned flood damage restoration, water extraction & water damage restoration company

The water damage restoration experts at Revive Water Damage Restoration are ready and equipped to handle any flooding or water damage in Florida. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Whatever the cause or severity of your water damage, Revive Water Damage Restoration is ready to handle your water extraction and restoration. With our state-of-the-art equipment and excellent staff, we can handle any situation.

What causes water damage?

Water damage or flooding can occur for several reasons. It is important that you learn about them and act fast to prevent any further damage.



  1. Floods- If flooding occurs due to a natural catastrophe, there isn’t much one can do. As soon as possible, you must contact a flood damage restoration service. There is a possibility that your damage may be limited if your home or office structure is well-built and maintained with little or no unsealed cracks.

  2. Burst pipes- If a pipe in your bathroom or kitchen bursts, it may not flood the area, but it will slowly seep into the walls and cause damage. A water damage restoration service should be contacted as soon as you see moisture on your walls or flooring.

  3. In Florida, heavy rainfall can cause sewers to overflow. In this case, water will again seep into your house, and you will need to get rid of it as soon as possible.

  4. In case of clogged drains or gutters, water will collect and stagnate. There is more to this problem than just water damage. Water in stagnant drains can even negatively impact a person’s health. You should hire water damage restoration experts as soon as possible.

  5. In some cases, minor issues with the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can cause water leaks. To fix your HVAC, you must call not only a water damage restoration team but also a team of experts that deal with HVAC.

How should you manage water damage?

The experience of watching your home or office get flooded can be emotionally draining. However, the sooner you act, the less likely severe damage will occur. Despite the fact that Revive Water Damage Restoration offers 24×7 emergency services, there are a few things you should do immediately when you notice flooding or leaks.



  1. To prevent further flooding, close the main water valve of the house immediately if a pipe has burst.

  2. Electrical hazards are one of the biggest risks associated with water damage. In some cases, it can cause damage to the wiring, cause a short circuit, or even result in electrocution. The electricity mains should be turned off if they are in a safe place to access. And they should stay off until the restoration work is completed, or until it is safe to turn it back on.

  3. Are you insured? The best thing to do is to call them and let them know what has happened ASAP.

What is our process for flood and water damage restoration?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority at Revive Water Damage Restoration. We value happy, satisfied customers as a local, family-owned business. We are homeowners ourselves. We know what it’s like to deal with water damage. And we want nothing more but to return your home back to its pre-damaged state. You can expect a full-service treatment when you hire Revive Water Damage Restoration to handle your water damage. Our goal is to restore everything to as close to the way it was before the damage. Our process steps are outlined below in seven steps. Here’s how we do it.


#1 – First Contact With Our Company

 Contacting us is the first step in the process. We can be reached at (813) 534-5270 in case of an emergency 24/7/365. No matter what time of night it is, you can always count on us to respond quickly to water damage emergencies. Even at 3 am. We will discuss your situation with you on the initial call and determine what needs to be done. It is often imperative to act quickly when dealing with water damage. We will send a technician to your home or business promptly. If you need assistance right now please don’t delay, call now!

It is likely that you will be asked a number of questions, including providing your contact information, insurance details, the address of the damaged business or home, a short explanation of what happened and what damage has occurred, and whether there is electricity is still running at the property. These questions allow our technicians to begin working immediately upon arrival. Our team will inspect the damage on their own, so don’t worry if you don’t know the full extent of it. It’s generally not possible to know the full extent of damage unless you’re a trained professional so don’t stress. We’ve got you covered!


#2 – Through Inspection/Assessment

The technician(s) will inspect the water-damaged area at your home or business during this step. We have expertly trained team members who can thoroughly assess both the cause and extent of the damage. In order to help with this process, we ask that you help answer questions about plumbing, water shutoff valves, and other aspects of your home or business. The following elements make up this step in the water remediation process:


Safety Assessment
Safety is the first step. Particularly, our team will determine if there is a risk of electrocution. There may be a need for the technician to shut off the power to an area or structure if there is significant water or electrical wiring nearby. A technician may also need to inspect the area for structural stability if the damage is severe.


Determine Where The Water Coming From
The next step is to identify where the water is coming from. Stopping additional water from entering the area includes turning off the water supply.


Water Grade Level Assessment
The technician will examine the water once the area has been deemed safe. The process includes determining whether the water is contaminated. This helps in determining the specifics of the remediation process that will be carried out.


Assess Level of Water Damage
This is also the stage during which the technician will assess the extent of the damage the water has caused. In addition to checking for exposed lead or asbestos (generally in older homes), additional safety concerns must also be addressed.


As a final step, the technician will investigate any concerns specific to the situation. Such as any furniture that could easily be moved to avoid further damage for example.


#3 – Removing the Water

Immediately following the inspection, the water needs to be removed. In order to accelerate the drying process, our technicians thoroughly extract the water. Mold and secondary water damage can both be minimized through this step. For optimal performance, we combine submersible pumps, and industrial-strength vacuum cleaners specifically designed for water extraction, dehumidifiers, and water analysis tools. Having access to proper equipment, along with our expertise, allows us to achieve results not possible through DIY or working with a non-specialist. Our inspections continue throughout this process as we gain access and gain a better understanding of the damage. Sitting water poses a number of risks, but we try to minimize further damage by working as quickly as possible.


#4 – Drying The Area Out

Despite the water being removed, walls, floors, and furniture still have dampness. This can cause problems and be a challenge. Warping, swelling, and other damages can result from water retention in these materials. In addition, mold can grow on anything that is damp for an extended period of time. This is a potential health hazard. Industrial-strength dehumidifiers are used to combat this problem. In addition to removing dampness from the air, we have specialized tools that can be used on floors and walls as well. To ensure that the process is proceeding correctly, we monitor the progress constantly using specialized tools.


#5 – Cleaning Process
Following the drying of the affected area, some dirt, odor, and microbes still need to be removed. Particularly if the water was contaminated, such from a toilet that backup up. Antimicrobial and antibacterial treatments will be used to sanitize all affected areas. When it comes to water damage restoration, the most important thing is to ensure the area is safe. An important part of getting back to that pre-damaged state is a proper sanitization process. Which we implement. Furthermore, all affected items will be assessed for cleaning and restoration. Our company utilizes dry cleaning, wet cleaning, abrasive scrubs, and other methods to save as many of your possessions as possible. Refuse will also be disposed of when necessary. In layman’s terms, what needs to be thrown out will also be taken care of by our team.


#6 – Mitigation of the Water Damage
Repairing the damage caused by the water is the final remediation step. The cleaning process ends and this step starts right after. Our company provides some repairs for minor building damage. In addition, our technicians are trained and certified to provide emergency services, such as boarding up, tarping, moving, and fencing off residential and commercial properties which have been damaged. Then significant structural damage has occurred, a contractor may be required to repair it. If you need help finding the right help and a detailed assessment to ensure the success of your reconstruction, we can help. Don’t stress out about this. We have many partners that we work with to help with this part.


#7 – Completing the Project
In addition, we will ensure that all your concerns regarding water damage are addressed at the end of the project. In order for you to fully understand what has been done, we will walk you through the assessment. Furthermore, we will answer any questions you may have about the next steps. It is understandable that experiencing water damage can be stressful and concerning. To make things as easy for you as possible, we are dedicated to providing you with the best service to make it easy for you to deal with.

Why Book With Revive Water Damage Restoration?

In the event of water damage, you may feel tempted to contact the first company you come across. It is, however, worthwhile to take the time to find the right provider. The following are some reasons why you should contact us, Revive Water Damage Restoration:


Lighting Quick Response Times
The importance of dealing with water damage quickly cannot be overstated. As a result, we are available 24/7. A technician will be dispatched to you promptly if you are in our service area. Our water damage restoration services have helped numerous residents and businesses all over Florida.


Expert Technicians
Our team members are experts in water damage repair and they know everything about it. The right water remediation techniques will be applied based on the assessment of the situation. We know exactly what needs to be done and when.


Skill Specialization
We also have specialized staff members who specialize in mold testing, remediation, and damage repair. This means that we do more than just remove water and dampness from the area. In addition to repairing the damage, we will also assist you in dealing with mold and mildew.


A Friendly Who Cares
This is probably the most important element which picking a company to help with water damage restoration. t is always a pleasure to work with our team members because they are kind and enthusiastic about helping you and actually care. It is unpleasant to deal with water damage. In light of this, we do our best to make the best of a difficult situation.

Other Water Damage Services

While we cover a fair amount of details on this page about our water damage restoration services. There are also several other more specific services that we offer. Below is a summary of each service. You can click the service name to read more.

Water Extraction & Removal

Water extraction and removal is a critical step in the restoration process for homes that have had a water damage-related incident. Specialized equipment and techniques are used to remove all traces of water from the home. This allows the restoration process to quickly and efficiently minimize the amount of damage caused by water.

Leak Detection

Our leak detection service is specifically designed to find water damage in homes that is not visible to the human eye. Using advanced detection methods, we are able to find the source of the leak and begin repairs quickly and efficiently, minimizing both the cost and the amount of damage your home sustains.

Burst Pipe Cleanup

Burst pipe cleanup is a comprehensive solution for fixing broken pipes and repairing any water damage they may have caused. Our team of experienced professionals can quickly and efficiently fix the problem, so you can get back to your life. We understand that a burst pipe can be a major inconvenience, so we work hard to make the process as painless as possible for you.

Flood Damage Recovery

Flood damage recovery is a service that helps people who have experienced a flood-related natural disaster in their homes. Or even a flood that started in the home due to a faulty appliance. We work hard to get your home back to normal after a flood.

Flooded Crawl Space Repair

A flooded crawlspace can cause immense damage to your home and belongings. Our team is experienced in repairing and restoring crawlspaces, and we will work diligently to get your home back to its original condition so your crawl space no longer poses any danger.

Burst Water Heaters Cleanup

Burst water heaters can cause major damage to your home. Not only will the water heater have to be replaced, but the damage done by the water can spread throughout your home and cost

Thermal Inspections

Thermal Inspections are the perfect way to find hidden water damage in your home or office. By using thermal imaging technology, we can detect leaks and moisture that may not be visible to the naked eye. This allows us to identify and fix any problems before they cause further damage.

Structural Drying

Structural drying is the process of removing water from building materials and components to allow for repairs and reconstruction. The drying process need to start ASAP after water damage takes place too prevent any long-term damage. By using specialized equipment and techniques, our team is able to dry the affected areas quickly and efficiently.

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