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Commercial Mold Removal

Commercial mold remediation is a highly specialized process requiring an experienced professional’s expertise. Mold originates from several sources, including water damage, improper ventilation, and faulty construction. If untreated, mold can cause serious health problems and extensive property damage. If you own a Florida-based business and experience mold damage, contact us for help. Revive is the premiere commercial mold remediation company servicing the Central and South Florida areas. We can help you restore your commercial business. And become mold free once again.

Why Mold MUST Be Removed ASAP

Mold must be removed as soon as possible to avoid health risks. Mold can release toxins that can cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and other health problems. In addition, if left unchecked, mold can grow and spread quickly, potentially causing severe property damage. Mold growth often occurs along with water damage. Our experts will fix the water damage and isolate the mold issues, sanitize surrounding areas, and begin restoring your commercial property to a healthy and safe environment for you, your employees, tenants, and your customers. Our team knows the challenges and the aftermath of water damage. You can count on Revive to be there every step of the way until your business is safe again.

Commercial Mold Remediation

Commercial mold remediation typically involves identification, assessment, and remediation. In the identification phase, or rather mold inspection phase, our trained professional will assess the extent and condition of the mold problem. This information is used to create a treatment plan. The assessment phase involves:

– Documenting the presence of mold.
– Conducting tests to determine its potential toxicity.
– Assessing the damage it has caused

The remediation phase involves taking steps to eliminate and control the mold. This involves removing and cleaning contaminated materials, sealing damaged areas, or spraying the area with disinfectants and cleaning agents.

Mold Inspection

Mold inspections are generally the first port of call. We hunt for mold in hidden areas and collect samples for testing by a third-party lab to determine the mold affecting your business. If mold is found, the first step is to isolate it. We use barriers such as negative air chambers to keep the mold in one place. Using this strategy prevents other parts of the property from becoming contaminated. Once the removal process is complete we remove contaminants and spores from the air with powerful vacuums so that you can breathe easier.
The first step is to identify the source of the mold. Next, we inspect the area and review any documents or photographs that may have been taken during the original construction or renovation. Finally, mold is identified by conducting an air quality test and thermal imaging scans. Knowing the type of mold, source, and amount of mold present in the air, we can immediately provide a quick removal plan. However, if mold originated from outside sources, such as from a leaky roof, it will be necessary to take additional steps to address the issue.

Removing mold from your commercial property in Florida

Once the source is identified, it is essential to begin cleaning up the area. This will involve removing all possible sources of debris, such as insulation, dried paint, and carpeting. Once the debris has been removed, it is important to seal any openings in the structure with silicone or other appropriate sealants. Keeping people and animals away from the area during the cleanup is also essential. If exposure to mold spores occurs during this time, it could lead to health problems.

The Benefits of Commercial Mold Remediation: Improving the Health of Working Conditions

Mold remediation in Florida is a complex process that must be undertaken with care. Failure to properly remove mold and its byproducts can lead to serious health problems for on-site workers, customers, people working on the project, and those who live and work in or near the contaminated area. And sometimes you don’t even realize the negative after-effects of the weather. For example, an undetected roof leak from commercial storm damage could create a mold problem. Our team at Revive understands the importance of completing a successful mold remediation project without causing long-term damage. We tirelessly work to ensure that all of our clients are safe and satisfied with our work.

After the mold removal, your business will likely need to be cleaned and restored. We may also recommend further preventative measures, such as ventilation cleaning and moisture control, to keep future mold problems at bay. Mold remediation can be a vital addition to your property maintenance programs in preventing future damage and ensuring a healthy environment for your business. Call us now if you suspect a mold problem in your office. We are an emergency water damage service that also specializes in mold service. We answer your needs 24/7.

Mold Removal for Contents

Our mold remediation service helps to save your building contents, furniture, and equipment. We take care of indoor mold infestations and water-damaged items. Your Revive team will implement wet, dry, foam, abrasion, and immersion cleaning methods. When salvaging is not viable for removing building materials, we dispose of them following EPA guidelines. In addition, we use anti-fungal and anti-microbial treatments to ensure that no new spores or bacteria spread throughout the rest of the property.

Contact Revive Water Damage Restoration for Mold Damage Restoration Today!

We can restore your property as a whole to get rid of a mold infestation. Removing and replacing entire rooms or parts of the room, such as drywall panels and wallpaper, can also be necessary. We also address the odor that mold causes with a fogging process that reaches every space in the affected area. At Revive, we pride ourselves on our responsiveness, 24/7 emergency service, and our provable history of property restorations. Call us today if you have a commercial mold issue to access more than 15 years of water, mold, storm, sewage, and commercial fire damage restoration experience, and a path to a successful restoration.

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