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Reconstruction and Restoration Service

Full-Service Disaster Reconstruction, Restoration & Construction Experts

In the event of a fire or water emergency in your home or business, you may feel overwhelmed. A reputable and experienced restoration service provider should be contacted as soon as possible. As a first step, you will need to clean up the premises. Additionally, a thorough assessment of the damages and a plan for mitigating them are essential. In some cases, structural repair or replacement is required to resolve a problem that cannot be remedied with cleaning and sanitizing. As part of your restoration needs, you need a company that provides reconstruction services.
That said, the last thing you need when you need home restoration is multiple repair crews coming and going. A management nightmare for your home, things going wrong, time-consuming chaos, disorganization, and extra costs. Revive is a full-service restoration company. To restore your home or business to the specifications you desire, our certified technician specialists conduct remediation evaluations and provide step-by-step assistance. Choosing the right reconstruction company is critical, and you need people who can guide you through the process, so you get the service you expect and the results you want. Our service-delivery model includes reconstruction restoration, which we believe is an essential component of choosing a remediation company

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Damage Repair and Construction Services

Throughout the restoration reconstruction process, we take pride in clearly explaining the steps involved in repairing your property. Having our expertise on your side will ensure your peace of mind. Revive can handle all your residential restoration reconstruction needs, from simple repairs to complex rebuilds. A high level of professionalism is required when repairing and rebuilding structures damaged by water, fire, mold, or storms.

Our reconstruction services include:

  • Full/Partial Rebuilds and Reconstruction.
  • Brick & Masonry Repairs.
  • Landscaping Repairs.
  • Repairs to Fences.
  • Commercial Store Repairs.
  • Repairs of Doors and Windows.
  • Assessment of Structural Integrity and Shoring.
  • Working With AllMajor Insurance Carriers.

Many emergency situations require reconstruction and restoration services. To restore a structure to its former state after it has been damaged by fire, water, or mold, reconstruction is necessary. When construction work is already required, we find that property owners may also want to upgrade their property at the same time. Exceptional craftsmanship and high-quality materials should be used in this work.



Reconstruction restoration services can be divided into three types:

Fire Damage Cleanup & Restoration

To restore a structure to normal after fire damage, a great deal of cleaning and rebuilding is necessary. It can be tricky to deal with fire damage due to the way smoke and flames can enter a structure. For a successful reconstruction process, a thorough assessment of loss from soot, ash, and burns is essential.

The following components of a house or business may require replacement:


  • Wiring and electrical boxes
  • Framing and walls
  • The flooring
  • The doors
  • The windows
  • The Paint
  • Sliding
  • And Much More!
This list is short. The extended list can have anything on it that an intact property has. In addition to coordinating the remodeling schedule, a full-service restoration company can provide you with highly skilled contractors to complete the work.

Water Damage Repair & Restoration

There is no doubt that water is a very destructive element in home emergencies. There is a possibility that it could cause damage to your home’s structure and cause instability. A home may suffer from irreparable damage if water is left inside for too long due to certain factors. Undetected leaks or major floods can cause this. There is also the possibility of mold proliferation when water is present. It doesn’t take long for this to happen under the right conditions. Drying and disinfection of affected areas and personal belongings will be carried out by technicians. The destruction of drywall by water, however, happens quickly. In such cases, replacement is the best option for preventing mold and restoring the property’s appearance.

Mold Damage Removal, Restoration & Remediation

Many people can develop serious and permanent health problems as a result of mold exposure. When black mold infects drywall or other materials, it is sometimes necessary to replace large sections irreversibly permeated by mold spores. In addition to toxic molds, other types of mold need to be removed. Newer construction holds moisture and reduces airflow, making it more energy efficient. As a result, molds can reproduce easily. In many cases, rebuilding damaged areas is the best way to prevent future growth as well as open up and treat them properly to prevent recurrences.

Experts in Residential Reconstruction Experts

After a disaster, Revive technicians know exactly how to restore and rebuild a property. The walls of your house can be replaced, sections of the roof can be replaced, or even a wing can be demolished. We only work with crews that are IICRC certified and meet our strict guidelines for repairs, remodeling, additions, and reconstruction. With our restoration and reconstruction services, you can get back to normal as soon as possible, not only in terms of your property but also in terms of your life. Additionally, Revive is available 24/7.

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