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Sump Pump Overflow Cleaning

In the event of flooding or significant water damage, your sump pump is a fail-safe mechanism. This is what prevents floods in your crawlspace. The system prevents water from entering your home from below, which is likely to flood first if there is excess water entering your crawlspace, or basement if you’ve got one of the rare homes in Florida with basements. Your sump pump may fail over time or due to heavy usage. As a result, a serious backup can occur. If you are experiencing an overflow of your sump pump right now. Call us ASAP. Minutes count!

If you are experiencing an overflow of your sump pump right now. Call us ASAP. Minutes count!

What Causes a Sump Pump to Fail?

Large amounts of water can enter a home during a storm or from a plumbing leak. From an inch to several feet of floodwater, the sump pump protects the basement from flooding. Sump pumps that fail can cause flooding or worsen it. Sump pumps are mechanical devices that can malfunction. An inefficient pump can be caused by several factors, including poor design, cheap parts, and improper installation. There are many reasons why a sump pump may fail, here are a few:

Storms & Heavy Rainfall

The significant volume of water generated by heavy rains may overwhelm a sump pump, resulting in its failure. Pumps that use cheap, plastic components will produce poorer results than pumps with powerful, high-capacity components.

Clogged Pump

When dirt and debris accumulate on a sump pump without a covering, clogs will occur. The sump pump will stop working if it becomes clogged. It is also possible for the pump’s float switch to jam. Keeping the pump clean and allowing it to function during critical phases is possible with an airtight lid, however.

A Power Outage

Sump pumps are powered by electricity. If the power goes out during a torrential downpour, the sump pump won’t work. The crawlspace will flood inevitably due to the pump failure. It is recommended to install a battery-powered backup pump.

Improper Installation

To prevent sump pump malfunctions and failures, professional installation and maintenance are essential. If the installation was not completed correctly, the pump may fail, and it will most likely do so when it’s overloaded. Such as during a storm.

Problem with the Switch & Maintenance

To maintain a pump properly, it is important to check switches to ensure they are not old or have other issues that could lead to pump failure or overflow. Keeping your pump in good working order can be accomplished by testing or running it seasonally. If you don’t do this, you are risking failure.

Wrong Pump Size was Installed

It is possible for sump pumps to fail due to equipment that is unable to handle the amount of water cycling required. It is crucial to have a proper fitting pump size for your home’s requirements.

Sump Pump Failure Water Damage

Sump pump overflows can cause crawl space flooding, which you must address immediately. Water damage will only worsen the longer it remains. Structural issues and mold growth are possible. You should contact a qualified water damage restoration company right away like Revive. With our expertise, knowledge, and equipment, we can restore your property to its former state effectively and efficiently. Our team will promptly attend your property following your call for help. Once the water and moisture have been removed, our technicians will dry the damaged materials thoroughly using advanced equipment. Mold remediation is also available if necessary. If your sump pump overflows or you experience another flood cleanup emergency related to the need for sewage cleanup, or overflowing toilets, call us right away.

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