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Electrical Fire Restoration

We’ll Bring Your Home Back To Its Pre-Damaged State After An Electrical Fire

We have one of the greatest tools in the world when it comes to electricity, but when it goes wrong, it can cause unimaginable damage. Electrical fires occur in tens of thousands of homes each year in the state of Florida, and homeowners must be prepared to act when they do. Property damage caused by electrical fires can range from minor smoldering to utter destruction.
Overloaded extension cords and faulty electrical outlets often cause electrical fires. Electrical fires can also be caused by old, outdated appliances and wiring. Electrical fire damage can also be caused by light fixtures, lamps, and light bulbs. Heaters are in a class of their own when it comes to electrical fire hazards – they are high-wattage appliances that can ignite nearby combustibles or overload faulty electrical outlets. In the US, 43 percent of home heating fires originate from space heaters!

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to electrical fire damage cleanup. It is important to note that each fire is different depending on the ignition source, and fire damage cleanup techniques vary depending on the specific details of the fire. Fire damage cleanup cannot be standardized. It can be costly and time-consuming for property owners who are inexperienced in fire damage cleanup and fire damage restoration to attempt to restore the fire-damaged property and eliminate smoke odors on their own. It’s important to hire a professional restoration company. Even though an electrical fire can result in catastrophic damage, you can rest assured as a homeowner that restoration is more than possible.

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Our Restoration Process For Electrical Fire Damage Cleanup and Repair

Fire damage needs to be inspected by a restoration team. We will make an assessment that includes smoke damage and water damage caused by extinguishing the fire. In addition to listing the damage to personal belongings, a damaged property list will also include the property damage. This is something your insurance company will ask for. Having a fire damage restoration team on site as soon as possible is essential. Smoke and ash can cause more damage to your home if it remains uncleaned. The acidity of ash causes corrosion over time. A distinct yellow stain can be left on belongings after exposure to smoke. Fire and smoke odors can permeate a building.

Our experts in electrical fire damage restoration know how to safely remove smoke and ash. When dust is improperly removed or cleaned, it can cause health problems. Electrical fire cleanup is only handled by restoration teams we work with that are trained and certified. Your home’s items will be cleaned and deodorized. Besides carpets and specialty rugs, we can also clean upholstered furniture and personal belongings. The goal of our restoration project is to restore as much as possible.
Smoke and ash damage is also taken care of by us. Even though the fire may have only affected a part of the house, smoke and ash could have spread to other rooms as well. Just think about the lingering smell of a cigarette indoors. Now imagine a fire ripping through a house. Everything needs to be cleaned. Not just the visibly affected areas.

Cost Of Electrical Fire Damage Restoration

Typically, electrical fires start at faulty outlets via appliances that “short out”. These fires can start in a room where no one from the family is. Consequently, they can burn for several minutes and spread quickly (unless there are smoke detectors and someone is home to hear them go off). The cost of fire damage restoration after an electrical fire costs can range from $12,000 to $23,000+ for a 2,500-square feet home. While kitchen fires ‘generally’ cost more to cleanup.

Electrical Fire Damage Restoration

Our expert professionals handle all types of fire damage cleaning and restoration, including electrical fires. So you can rest assured knowing you’re in good hands. Any hiccup in the process is painful for you and your bottom line, so our goal is to restore your building quickly so you can get back to normal life.

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