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Toilet Overflow Cleanup

Do you have a backed-up toilet? Is it clogged? Is it overflowing? Is there a burst pipe? Has this ever happened to you? Have you experienced panic watching the water and toilet contents overflow the sides of the bowl, flooding your house? If it’s upstairs, then it can be even worse. It can affect the downstairs ceilings. If you are in the middle of a toilet overflowing, call us. But, don’t forget to take care of these things:
  1. Turn off the water supply to the toilet (see below).
  2. Pets and children should be kept out of the bathroom.
  3. If you managed to stop the water mop up what you can.
  4. The next step is to call us right away!
Priority number one for us is to prevent potential issues following a toilet overflow. Stopping the overflow at the source. Damaged drywall, cracked tiles, moldy grout, musty smells, and waterlogged shower pans can result from a toilet overflow. Dealing with the issue needs immediate attention!

How to Stop an Overflowing Toilet

STEP 1: Take off the lid from the toilet tank and set it aside.


STEP 2: Push down the flapper valve inside the tank. There is a rubber flap at the bottom of the tank that should keep the toilet bowl from being filled with additional water.


STEP 3: To stop the tank fill valve from filling, lift the float (the ball device attached to the float adjustment screw). The water level in the toilet bowl should begin to drop when the toilet tank’s main water supply is blocked. The float can be released after a few minutes.


STEP 4: If the water in the toilet bowl doesn’t stop filling, keep a hold of the float and turn off the water. Most toilet shutoff valves are located on the wall or the floor behind the toilet.

Overflowing Toilet Water Damage Cleanup

We look into the following components when addressing toilet overflow issues:

Blockage in the Drain Line

Overflowing toilets are often caused by line stoppages. Or a different drain line could be causing the backup; it could also be the line connecting your toilet to the main line outside. The clogged line from your washing machine or another major appliance might also block the line to your sewage system or septic tank.

The Sewer

Could it be that the problem is with the pipes inside your house or the lines outside? Tree roots can dislocate or even block the pipes that lead from your house to the main sewer line if they get clogged with foreign objects.

Clogged Toilet Trap

The S-shaped trap between the bowl and drain line at the back of your toilet is supposed to prevent clogging. The line can get clogged by items like paper towels or too much toilet paper. In the event of a blocked trap, water will not be able to drain, resulting in an overflowing blocked toilet.

Septic Tank Failure

If you have a septic system, it might not be percolating. Water coming into your underground tank cannot be diminished by the area around it. There may be too much water in the septic tank or there may be too much water in the field. We also offer septic tank backup overflow cleaning.

Toilet Tank Malfunction

It is also possible for a toilet to overflow if the tank malfunctions and water enters continuously. Toilet tanks are designed to shut off the water supply automatically once they are full; however, if a component of its system fails, water from the line that feeds the tank will rush in unimpeded, causing an indoor flood. This type of flooding is more sanitary than that which comes directly from the toilet bowl, but it is still hazardous and must be dealt with immediately.

Low Flow Toilet

Low-flow toilets might not be able to handle everything you expect. Some older toilets are weaker than newer models. Low-flow toilets often back up and overflow when filled with non-flushable items and too much toilet paper. Paper towels, napkins, feminine products, diapers, dental floss, hair, and any kind of plastic should never be flushed down the toilet. Whether you have a toilet overflow, possibly burst pipes, or a running toilet, Revive has an experienced technician ready to resolve the problem. The right solution is needed for major problems! Our company is the logical choice for you.

What Problems Does An Overflowed Toilet Flood Cause?

Do you think that dealing with a toilet that’s overflowed and caused wastewater to flood sewage into your home is a nasty chore to deal with? Well, it gets much worse. The following hazards pose further threats:
  • Structural Damage – The wood, concrete, and metal parts of your building can corrode or weaken when exposed to water for a long time. Wastewater with sewage makes this even worse.

  • Contamination Water – There is a possibility that toilet water will seep into other parts of your property where clean water is kept. The result is an immediate health hazard for people and pets.

  • Contamination Air – Toilet water is one of the most annoying types of water that can intrude into your home or office. It leaves behind the most unpleasant odor that disrupts normal life.

  • Appliance, Furniture, Upholstery, and Drapery Damage – When toilet water intrusion occurs, your building is not just at risk. The contents inside it are even more vulnerable. Toilet overflows can sometimes ruin carpets, electronics, and some furniture.

  • Mold Issues – The only thing it takes for mold to grow on your property is water and organic matter. Water from the toilet that gets into contact with floors, carpets, walls, and furniture creates the perfect environment for mold to grow.

Contact Us for Toilet Overflow Cleanup Services

Don’t let your property be ruined by a toilet overflow. Call Revive Water Damage Restoration immediately for help. Whether it’s water damage or flood damage from a toilet. Our large fleet of service vehicles and equipment allows us to get to you within an hour. We have one of the biggest fleets in Florida. Call us today for professional and courteous service. We also deal with sump pump overflow cleanup.

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