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Thermal Inspections for Water Damage

Non-Invasive Infrared Thermal Inspections To Detect Water Damage

Inadequate insulation, poorly sealed doors and windows, inadequate or poorly sealed ductwork, or plumbing leaks can compromise indoor environments. Water and moisture can be detected and located in building materials, such as drywall, wood, window frames, baseboards, flooring, and ceilings with thermal imaging infrared technology. By detecting temperature differences between a wet and dry area, infrared thermal imaging can be used to identify water damage. Furthermore, thermal imaging provides a means of detecting moisture issues that aren’t visible to the naked eye, and thus cannot be detected by other means. By locating and resolving the problem of moisture intrusion, further mold growth and structural damage can be avoided.
Using infrared thermal imaging (IR) technology, Revive inspects homes, businesses, condos, and other properties without guesswork. With this technology, our team can discover hidden sources of water damage and ensure there are no unknown problems during routine scheduled maintenance inspections.


Infrared Thermographic Inspections for Water Damage

We equip all of our technicians with thermal imaging cameras. Revive’s technicians have the ability to accurately diagnose moisture issues in homes and businesses because they have thermal imaging devices, moisture detectors, and specialized training.
Besides saving money, our thermal inspections can also provide the following benefits:
  • Water leaks can be discovered using this technology without cutting into walls or pulling up floors.
  • Due to the accuracy of IR inspections, we can easily schedule any required repairs right away.
  • It is easier to catch minor issues early and resolve them before they turn into costly, serious ones with routine maintenance inspections.
  • There will be a greater chance of you being able to recover compensation if you have solid evidence to support your insurance claim.
  • This enables us to reach areas that are difficult to reach, such as high ceilings.
  • Photo documentation of affected areas can be provided by project managers.
  • Measures drying effectiveness throughout the job.
  • Improves the speed at which insurance claims are processed.
  • It can be used together with moisture meters to provide greater flexibility.
  • It is easier to identify water damage hidden in walls or under multiple layers of flooring.

How We Conduct Thermal Inspections

  1. Our technicians are trained to use thermal imaging cameras to diagnose water leaks. Thermal imaging units are installed on each truck so that moisture can be tracked and updated every time a technician steps on site.

  2. All moisture levels are documented using thermal imaging. Complete and accurate documentation of all levels is critical to having a successful insurance claim.

  3. Our expert infrared thermal inspectors are available to come to your home or business for an infrared thermal inspection. Having this information will help you feel more at ease during the restoration process.

Why Is Thermal Imaging Better Than Traditional Methods?

Identify Hidden Damage: It is possible to detect differences in temperature. Water damage can be detected even when it is invisible to the naked eye due to this temperature difference.


Money Saver: Additional damage can be prevented. As a result of our thermal imaging technology, you are able to dry and clean the water damage quickly, saving you thousands of dollars in additional restoration costs.


Time Saver: A water damage assessment determines which areas of your home or office are affected by water damage. With this information, we can come up with the most effective mitigation plan to completely dry out and restore your property, saving you valuable time.

With Revive, you can enjoy peace of mind with advanced technology.

Throughout Florida, Revive provides reliable, high-quality, and professional water damage detection services with thermal inspections. Revive has a stellar reputation in the field of water loss prevention, specialty structural drying, and water damage restoration. Any and all water damage problems can be solved with our dependable, competent, and personalized service. We do the complicated and also the simple like burst water heater cleanup. Call us now for a fast response concerning your water damage inspection!

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