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Fire, Smoke & Soot Damage Restoration

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When a fire breaks out in your home or place of business, the flames can spread in the blink of an eye. And, fire damage needs to be dealt with quickly by more than just local emergency responders. To help minimize the damage to your home or business after the fire is extinguished, contacting a fire damage cleanup professional needs to be done immediately. Fire disasters can leave your home or business damaged for a long time after they are put out without the professional help of professionals.



Nobody is fully prepared for the aftermath of fire damage to a commercial or residential property. Soot residue permeates everything on the property, combining with odors caused by bacteria. Extinguishing the fire with water, which the fire department will do, can and most likely will cause extensive water damage to the property also. When water damage is left for not even that long, mold and mildew will grow along with other damage.


Revive Water Damage Restoration might be our name, but we are also fire, smoke, and soot damage and restoration professionals. We are here to help in that time of need, no matter what disaster you are dealing with.

If You Have Been Impacted By Fire Damage – We Can Help

Fire Damage Cleanup

First – Call Us ASAP

The Revive Water Damage Restoration company can be reached at (813) 534-5270. Contact us and one of our certified technicians will help you set up an appointment that suits your schedule and needs. This is the first step. We will run through the situation you are dealing with on the phone to get an idea of the damage. And then the onsite visit will be step two

Second – On-Site Assessment of the Damage
Our team will take the necessary time to evaluate the damage once they arrive. We will be able to properly plan your fire damage restoration once we have carefully inspected the structure, furniture, and personal or commercial belongings to determine the extent of the damage caused.

Third – Further Damage Prevention
To prevent any additional damage to your property, we will implement a temporary solution by boarding up windows and walls. Plus cover any roof openings with tarps.

Fourth – Water Damage Remediation
We must first address any potential water damage that may have been left after the fire department put out the fire. This must take place before we can deal with the fire and smoke damage. During this part, we will also take measures to prevent the growth of mold. This will prevent future issues following the remediation of fire damage to your home or business.

Fifth – Fixing Damage Caused by Soot & Smoke
Our team has the knowledge and equipment necessary to remove smoke and soot damage from surface areas as well as damage that has penetrated deep under the surface cosmetic layers of your property. Additionally, we will eliminate the lingering smoke odor from your property.

Sixth – Sanitization Time
By using fogging equipment and air scrubbing techniques, we will restore the air quality on your property. Without this, the smoke smell will never leave. In addition, we will attempt to restore delicate items that you picked to be saved that weren’t destroyed in the fire. Or only had minor damage are restorable.

Seventh – Fire Damaged Restoration
This is the final step. All the smaller steps have led up to this. This part is the major renovation of your property. Getting your property back to its pre-damaged state. To restore structural integrity, the fire-damaged area will undergo minor and major repairs as necessary. Your fire damage restoration will be complete after completing this step.

Types of Fire Damage

Damage Caused by Smoke
Smoke damage is a lasting consequence of fire damage, and it can linger for weeks or even months after the fire has been extinguished. As an example of how smoke damage occurs, you can detect the odor of smoke on someone who has just returned from a cigarette break or who has been standing near a bonfire, as the odor of smoke tends to cling to objects. Additionally, it will stick to surfaces such as walls, ceilings, flooring, and furniture in your home. In addition to discoloring surfaces in your house or business, smoke can also be very difficult to remove. To fully remove smoke damage, you will need a qualified smoke restoration expert like our company.

Indirect Damages
The damage that can be caused by fire extends far beyond what is done by the flames and smoke. A fire in the home can cause a cascade of additional issues and expose a variety of weak spots. One example of this is the water that the firefighters use to help put out a fire. Any chemicals present in the fire or used to extinguish it will need to be cleaned by a specialist to remove any danger they may pose. They may cause your walls and floorboards to swell and warp, causing rot or plaster to fall off.


Your walls can also be damaged by a house fire, leaving cracks and holes. The holes are easy access points for rain and other weather problems and need to be addressed properly. However, sometimes simply filling the cracks isn’t enough. These could mask much more serious structural weaknesses. They could compromise your building’s structural integrity. Structural engineers should be consulted if there is any damage to a building, no matter how small. We take care of the process as part of our fire damage restoration service.

Damage Caused by Flames

Depending on the origin of the fire, various forms of flame damage can occur. A fire caused by an electrical source, as opposed to a naked flame (candle, match, etc.), or even a dropped cigarette, may have different effects on your home. It is critical that you hire a restoration company that is an expert in this field and knows how to handle different types of fire damage. Poor reconstruction usually leads to future problems, and the home may even become unsafe. You could suffer structural damage in the future. And hidden damage might cause electrical problems later on if your home is not properly restored based on the type of fire that initially started as different fires burn differently.


To furhter add to this there are two main types of fires that generally take place as seen below:

Electrical fires can be some of the most devastating events that can happen in a home. Not only do they often cause extensive damage but they act differently from other fires. Electrical fires can start from a number of different sources, but the most common causes are problems with wiring, overloaded circuits, and equipment that’s been damaged. A spark that can easily ignite nearby flammable materials.
Kitchen grease fires can be some of the most destructive and dangerous fires a homeowner can experience. Not only is the fire itself difficult to extinguish, but the resulting smoke and soot can cause extensive damage to your home. Kitchen fires that started from grease also spread very quickly and can cause more damage than other fires. There are a few ways that kitchen grease fires can start. The most common is when grease in a pan is left on the stovetop and it ignites. This can happen if the stove is turned on too high, or if something else in the area is set on fire and the flames spread to the grease.

Dealing with Fire Damage & Insurance

Feel free to contact us if you have suffered fire damage and need advice on dealing with your insurance company or how restoration should be handled. As fire damage restoration experts, we work with you and your insurance company to ensure the restoration of your home or business is completed as soon as possible. Call us at (813) 534-5270 for more information.

After a Fire, You Should:

Movements should be limited:
Make sure you limit movement around the house to avoid cross-contamination and further smoke damage.


Ensure that traffic areas are covered:
Place clean towels on high-traffic areas of rugs, upholstery, and carpets.


Clean out the fridge & freezer:
You can empty the refrigerator and freezer if the electricity has been turned off. Leave the doors open once you’re done.


Changing all filters:
All HVAC systems, such as mini-split systems and central air, need to have their filters changed.


Plant cleaning:
Plants should be washed. This can be done by spraying them down with a hose outside and making sure both sides of all the leaves are cleaned.

After a Fire, You Shouldn’t:

Avoid washing walls or carpets:
Trying to DIY wash your carpets is a big no-no. Professional carpet cleaning needs to be undertaken to restore your salvageable carpets. The wrong method of cleaning could ruin your carpets, and your insurance company might claim negligence on your part and refuse to pay. If you want to restore your carpets, let us know and we will help. The same applies to walls. You can damage the paint, drywall, and more. We will help you deal with any walls that need cleaning.


Cleaning electrical appliances is dangerous:
Any electrical appliances you have that were not damaged in the fire need to be looked at by an authorized repair service. They could have heat damage. Be waterlogged or have other damage that you might not know about. Plugging them in without having them looked at could be deadly.

Don’t eat food; rather, throw it away:
Do not consume canned or packaged foods or drinks that were near the fire or became waterlogged. They are a breeding ground for bacteria.


Keep the lights off:
If the ceiling got wet from the fire crew, avoid turning on any ceiling lighting fixtures or any switches for that matter. It is possible that the wiring is damaged. It could shock you or worse.


Don’t wear any clothes for now:
You need to have any clothes that were saved sent off for special cleaning. This is not a normal wash or dry clean. Without doing this, you could be putting your health at risk.


Avoid touching anything covered in soot:
Soot-covered items should not be handled with bare hands. A surface can become permanently stained by soot if it is touched by your fingers due to the oil on your skin.

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