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Lake Ivanhoe Park-Orlando

If you would like to get back to nature, make sure you visit Lake Ivanhoe Park. It is the perfect place to relax in the Florida sun. Lake Ivanhoe Park, visible through the International Drive Exit, surrounded by a series of man-made lakes located in the center of downtown in Orlando. The history of this park dates back to when George Russell who was an industrialist from Michigan moved to Florida in 1885 for the perceived healthy climate. He arrived in Tampa, but fell in love and moved to Orlando after visiting here. Shortly after arriving, he and a business partner opened up shop downtown near Pine Street and the railroad tracks selling hay, feed, fertilizer, and grain.


With the success of his new company, Mr. Russell purchased several acres of land on the southern side of Lake Ivanhoe. There he built a large home around where I-4 and the DoubleTree are today. In 1910, he built Russell’s Point now Ivanhoe Park. It was named after Walter Scott’s romantic novel “Ivanhoe”. Eve Bacon, a historian in Orlando, described it as an amusement and recreation park on Lake Ivanhoe that became the favorite gathering place for Orlandoans of all ages. This made the area the spot for indoor and outdoor fun with a dock, water slides, a dance hall, a picnic area, and 50 boats for fishing and enjoying the lake and is now owned by the City of Orlando with many activities to offer to its visitors.


The fishing opportunities that the lake next to the park offers make it one of the most sought-after destinations because of its ability to hold 3-5 pound fish consistently. Several lakes have their specialties, but this one, in particular, is the home of many largemouth bass because it offers a great deal of plant food and enough cover for them to hide. In the waters of this lake park, largemouth bass are undoubtedly the most sought-after gamefish, occasionally reaching a weight of 8-9 pounds. It is also full of black crappie, bluegill, sunfish, and warmouth. This lake holds plenty of nice fish of good size but navigating this area and finding the best fishing spots can be difficult without a guide or someone who knows when and where to go.


The park also offers a refreshing outdoor escape for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Lake Ivanhoe Park is an ideal spot for campers, families, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. From family picnics to camping out in nature, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained. For campers, there is an abundance of designated campsites with fire pits that overlook the scenic 125-acre lake. The park itself offers hiking trails lined with lush greenery where visitors can enjoy bird watching and wildflower spotting. With plenty of open space to explore, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty without being too far from the convenience of downtown Orlando. And for those looking for a little bit more adventure, there is even an area specifically designed for wakeboarding and water skiing. The clear blue waters of Lake Ivanhoe are perfect for days spent on the water soaking up the sun’s rays or enjoying a peaceful sunset.


Running, rollerblading, and biking on the tracks are also some of the other popular activities you can be a part of. Birdwatchers are also going to have a great time watching the beautiful local birds. The park offers plenty of scope for a picnic and scenic photos. This park is a very popular destination when it comes to photoshoots and special events. For instance, the park is a frequent backdrop for weddings and other events. There are also times when bands come and play live music.


The park also has several pavilions available to rent which provide access to power outlets and running water making it easy to host events such as weddings or corporate retreats on-site. Visitors can also find a variety of food vendors scattered around the park offering anything from ice cream and hot dogs to beer and barbecued ribs perfect if you don’t feel like cooking your meal after a day spent outdoors. There is also a boat ramp for visitors with public access. No need to worry as it is well maintained and set up for ease and convenience regardless of the activity you plan on doing. There is a dock separate from the boat ramp for kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes. During the peak boating season, the boat ramps at Lake Ivanhoe might be crowded.


Here are some tips and information to keep in mind before you access the Lave Ivanhoe Park ramp. First, make use of the staging area. The ideal way to avoid congestion at the ramp is to be prepared before entering the ramp. Also, mount the navigation lamps before approaching the ramp. In the peak season, popular boat ramps tend to fill up pretty quickly so make sure that you approach the ramp with caution and respect the other boater’s flow as they make their way to the ramp. Finally, take your friend with you. Having a friend who is familiar with the process to launch a boat can easily make a great difference at the boat ramp. One of you can stay with the boat while the other stays with the vehicle.


At Lake Ivanhoe Park, you will find the best of nature and recreation in the heart of Orlando. With its tree-lined lawns, 125-acre lake, and plenty of activities to do, it is no wonder why so many people flock to this little slice of paradise each day. Whether you’re looking for a perfect spot to fish during your next vacation or a place to go camping with friends and family, this is worth visiting where you can make your memories last a lifetime. Located at 57 S Ivanhoe Blvd, Orlando FL 32804 it’s just a short drive from downtown. So come on down and enjoy the beauty of nature by exploring all this Park has to offer.

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