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Summer - A Time Where Fire Risks Is At Its Highest

Fire risks during the summer are especially high due to several factors, including the increased use of air conditioning devices. Here are some tips to help stay safe this summer:



When it comes to fire safety, the kitchen is one of the most important areas to focus on. Here are some tips to help keep your kitchen safe from fires:


1. Keep your stovetop clear of any clutter or combustible materials. This includes items like paper, towels, and wooden utensils.
2. Don’t leave pots or pans unattended on the stovetop. If you have to leave the kitchen for any reason while cooking, turn off the stove first. Most kitchen fires start from stovetops.
3. Store flammable liquids like cooking oil and cleaning supplies away from heat sources like stoves or ovens.
4. Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and know how to use it properly.



Candles are a beautiful way to add ambiance to any room, but they can also be a fire hazard. Here are some tips for using candles safely:


– Never leave a candle burning unattended.
– Make sure the candle is in a stable holder and won’t tip over.
– Keep candles away from flammable objects like curtains and papers.
– Don’t burn a candle down – make sure you put it out before it gets too close to the holder.
– Keep candles out of the reach of children and pets.

Air Conditioning


As the summer heat begins to intensify, the importance of having a reliable and efficient air conditioning system is more important than ever in Florida. While many people believe that turning on the air conditioner is enough to keep their home cooler, there are a few other things you should do to ensure your home is as safe from fire hazards as possible.


1. Keep your AC unit clean – When your AC unit starts to collect dust and dirt, it becomes less effective at cooling your home and more likely to overheat. Be sure to clean or replace your air filters regularly to help maintain optimal airflow and prevent any potential fires.

2. Don’t block vents – Blocking or restricting airflow around your air vents will cause your AC unit to overheat and potentially catch fire.

Electrical Appliances


It’s important to be aware of potential fire hazards when you’re living in an indoor space. Here are a few tips to help keep you safe from electrical fires:


1. Be careful with any electrical appliances. Make sure they’re in good condition and don’t overload circuits.

2. Don’t leave cooking unattended on an electric stovetop. If you have to leave the kitchen, turn off the stovetop.

3. Don’t smoke indoors. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s also illegal in many commercial areas.

4. Keep flammable materials like paper, clothes, and curtains away from heat electric sources like stoves.

5. Have a working smoke detector and practice a fire escape plan with your family members or room.

Outdoor Fire Safety Tips

Clean up your yard and balcony. Stack wood neatly and make sure it’s covered with something like a non-flammable tarp. Secure overflowing trash bins. Move flammable liquids away from the house. Gasoline, propane, kerosene, and chemical-based cleaners should be stored in approved containers outside the home and away from living areas. Check that grills are clean before using them, and never leave them unattended when lit. Be particularly mindful during fire season or if there is a drought. Educate your family about fire safety, make sure everyone knows how to use a fire extinguisher, and discuss an evacuation plan regularly.

Your home should be a haven from the risk of any fires – by taking some key precautions you can rest assured that your family will remain safe from a structural fire.

Fire damage can be one of the most devastating things that can happen to your home or business. Not only is there the physical damage that the fire itself causes, but oftentimes there is water and smoke damage as well. This can make it difficult or impossible to repair the damage on your own. That’s where restoration comes in.


Restoration is a professional service that can help you with all aspects of repairing fire damage. The damage is assessed, then a plan is developed for repair. Your insurance company will likely be involved in the process also.


We can help with the entire fire damage restoration and repair process if you have recently had a fire. Call us today!

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