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Ybor City Tampa

Ybor City is a large community that is located directly northeast of downtown Tampa. It is known for being a lively and fun part of the city. People from all walks of life call it home, and they love the area’s many convenient amenities and how easy it is to get to other parts of Tampa. The area is subdivided into a number of distinct communities, some of which are known as Historic Ybor, V.M. Ybor, Ybor Heights, East Ybor, and College Hills.



At the Centro Ybor mall, locals have a wide selection of fantastic activities and dining options to choose from at their disposal. In addition to providing unique insights into the history and contemporary life of the area, the Ybor City Museum and State Park are also home to a stunning garden that encircles the entire complex. The vibrant neighborhood of Ybor City is famous for the vintage stores and boutiques that can be found on 7th Avenue, which is also home to restaurants serving Cuban and Latin American cuisine. The Centro Ybor mall features independent restaurants, bars, and a movie theater. The Ybor City State Museum is located in a bakery that dates back to the 1920s and features exhibits on the cigar industry as well as the immigrant communities in the surrounding area. The bars and clubs in the GaYBOR district, which is located roughly between 7th Avenue and 15th Street, are known to draw a diverse clientele.



Ybor City is where much of Tampa Bay’s history and culture can be traced back to. As a tribute to the region’s illustrious past as the Cigar Capital of the World, the exteriors of many of the buildings are designed to resemble the quaint brick facades of cigar factories that have been converted into other uses. However, the production of cigars is only one aspect of the present and future of this multifaceted district, with independent cigar rollers keeping the tradition alive. Day and night, people can be seen partying it up on the brick streets and iron balconies of 7th Avenue.



The residents of Ybor City have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of new flavors throughout the city. The Columbia Restaurant is the state’s oldest dining establishment, and for good reason: not only does it serve incredible food, but it also holds a significant cultural significance. In addition, the authentic Italian cuisine served at the recently opened Casa Santo Stefano Sicilian restaurant has quickly become a fan favorite.



Ybor City Coordinates: 27°57′41″N 82°26′42″W

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