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Sparkman Wharf-Tampa

Experience the excitement of Tampa’s newest location for outdoor activities and entertainment. A fantastic waterfront meeting location, Sparkman Wharf may be found in close proximity to the Tampa Aquarium. Containers are used by a number of Tampa’s most promising new restaurants, many of which are located downtown. You can locate something to eat by walking around the containers and picking out what you want to eat, and then you can consume it in the center courtyard. The Naked Farmer is consistently ranked as one of the most creative restaurants (and one of the best tasting). Be sure to give at least one of the bowls of delicious food provided locally a try.


On the primary stage, there are a variety of activities that take place each day of the week. These include a yoga class, the screening of a movie, and live music performances. The neighborhood residents make use of this outdoor area as if it were their own private backyard. They bring their pets and enjoy a picnic while taking in the scenery. There is a parking garage close by called Channelside, or you may take the Riverfront Trail to go to Sparkman Wharf on foot. The dock from where the Yacht StarShip hosts its dinner cruises may be found just next to the entrance to Sparkman Wharf.


A dynamic and lively section of the downtown waterfront of Tampa Bay may be found along Sparkman Wharf. They are pleased to be recognized as one of the most prominent communal and cultural destinations in the region. Their building features a seamless combination of loft-style office space and ground-floor retail space, in addition to an intimate eating garden, biergarten, and recreational grass. Participate with them in a celebration of the finest that Tampa has to offer, including pleasant weather, breathtaking views of the water, live music, artisanal beer, and outstanding eating.


At Sparkman Wharf, you may sample the innovative cuisine created by ten of Tampa’s most acclaimed chefs while they test out brand new ideas. The area has been dubbed a dining garden, and guests can choose from menus that have been prepared specifically for street food. The eateries are all operating out of remodeled shipping containers, which is the unique aspect of the situation. There is a wide variety of food available for consumption, from raw oysters to French Vietnamese cuisine to gourmet popsicles. This open-air meeting place is the first completed project of the one billion dollar Water Street development in Tampa, Florida. It has dining options, live music, comfy sitting, lawn sports, and of course, a stunning view of the waterfront.


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