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The Florida Aquarium-Tampa

The Florida Aquarium in Tampa offers a wide range of educational and entertaining activities, as well as a fascinating collection of animal habitats and displays. The habitats are laid out in such a way as to accurately depict a watershed area that is comparable to the Tampa area. This allows for guests to view a broad diversity of fish and other marine creatures.



You will have the opportunity to get up and personal with invertebrates like starfish and anemones, as well as visit some of the residents that live on land, such as the lemurs. Admission to the Florida Aquarium allows visitors to skip any lineups that may be present and includes use of the outdoor Splash Pad, where children can cool off. The shows in the 4-D theater, which offer a fully immersive experience by augmenting a 3-D film with additional sensory aspects, are also included in the package. Visitors have the opportunity to participate in behind-the-scenes excursions and in-depth experiences with the animals, such as swimming with sea turtles or meeting African penguins, for an additional fee.



SeaTREK is a guided underwater walking tour that will take you on an exciting aquatic journey! Participants in SeaTREK, which takes place in our Heart of the Sea habitat and has a depth of 15 feet, must be at least 10 years old and cannot be certified divers. During the experience, they will explore coral caves alongside hundreds of fish, spotted eagle rays, bonnethead sharks, and even a loggerhead sea turtle! This thrilling opportunity to explore the underwater environment does not need participants to be able to swim, so it is open to anyone from all walks of life, even those who are not very comfortable in or familiar with the water.



At The Florida Aquarium in Tampa, you may immerse yourself in the incredible views, sounds, and experiences that are available from tree level all the way down to the sea level. Discover the natural environments of animals, from those that live right here in our own backyard to others that live in exotic areas all over the world. There are so many different kinds of animals at The Florida Aquarium that you never know what you’re going to find when you go there. Some of the animals you might see there include intriguing sand tiger sharks, lively otters, small seahorses, and inquisitive sea turtles.



As you go down the Wetlands route, you will see birds flying freely above you in our unique glass dome that is 80 feet tall, turtles lazing in the sun, and freshwater fish darting across the water. You can take pleasure in the thriving mangrove forests that have developed at the Aquarium when it first opened in 1995. Experience the thrill of seeing into the eyes of an alligator, play with the mischievous river otters, and gaze in awe at the stunning plumage of roseate spoonbills and white ibises. During this comprehensive adventure, you will get the opportunity to explore Florida’s freshwater and brackish water settings. As a result, you will develop a deeper understanding for the wildlife that call Florida home.



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